Community Spotlight: What We’re Reading

Community Spotlight: What we're reading.

Comet wants to know what you’re reading! There are so many articles, papers, and blog posts on Machine Learning that it’s hard to keep up. One of the ways Comet wants to help you stay up to date with new developments is our new Community Spotlight series.

Each week we’ll feature a couple of good reads from the great minds in our community. To kick us off we’ll see what the Comet team has been reading lately.

A Deeper Look at Bongard Problems
Bongard problems involve the ability to see abstract patterns based on problems popularized in Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid or GEB.
Doug Blank, Head of Research

Counterfactual Fairness
This NeurIPS paper from 2017 is great for those interested in Fairness, Bias, and Accountability in ML outcomes. It introduces the idea of fairness in both the real world and a counterfactual one where someone belongs to a different demographic group to avoid perpetuating discriminatory practices.
Ayodele Odubela, Data Science Evangelist/Advocate

AI and automation are linchpins for post-pandemic business success
The ability of ML and AI to go beyond simply providing efficiency to driving real value for organizations is a critical part of how the AI landscape is evolving. It’s becoming more important for organizations to show the value, and in many cases ROI, that is being driven from these investments. Automation and figuring out how you can accelerate getting to value with AI is only going to become more important.
Dominic Garcia, Head of Marketing

Comet Docs
I don’t really read much lately outside of Comet’s own technical documentation!
Nimrod Lahav, CTO

Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
This post is awesome for those interested in healthcare, bioinformatics, or who just want to know more about the building blocks of the COVID–19 Virus. This post takes readers through a character-by-character look at the BioNTech/Pfizer mRNA vaccine used to prevent the infection and spread of the virus.
Gideon Mendels, CEO

Stay tuned for more great reads from our community of Data Scientists and check out the #CometSpotlight hashtag on Twitter and LinkedIn to see more!

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