What We’re Reading: 1/25/21

Community Spotlight: What we're reading.

This week’s reads from the Comet team features language models, trustworthy AI, and cognition work on interacting with technical articles.

Each week we’ll feature a couple of awesome reads from the great minds in our community and on our team.

Communicating with Interactive Articles
Parallel to the development of the internet, researchers like Alan Kay and Douglas Engelbart worked to build technology that would empower individuals and enhance cognition. This work shows how digital designers are operationalizing these ideas to create interactive articles that help boost learning and engagement for their readers compared to static alternatives.

Dhruv Nair, Data Scientist

Machine Learning: The Great Stagnation
This newsletter update by Mark Saroufim takes a hilarious and poignant look at the state of Machine Learning today. This great, long read uncovers so many issues in ML and the hype cycle researchers and students fall into.

Niko Laskaris, Head of Business Development

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
Trustworthy AI (TAI) is based on the idea that trust builds the foundation of societies, economies, and sustainable development, and that individuals, organizations, and societies will therefore only ever be able to realize the full potential of AI, if trust can be established in its development, deployment, and use.

Ayodele Odubela, Data Science Evangelist/Advocate

On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?
By using these large, pre-trained language models and the methodology of fine-tuning them for specific tasks, researchers have extended the state of the art on a wide array of tasks as measured by leaderboards on specific benchmarks for English. In this paper, we take a step back and ask: How big is too big? What are the possible risks associated with this technology and what paths are available for mitigating those risks?

Doug Blank, Head of Research

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