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At, we strive to help data scientists and machine learning engineers speed up the development and productionisation of their machine learning models.

A key part of the machine learning workflow is testing and evaluating model iterations. Visualizations are useful to compare various metrics and to track how these metrics change during training 📈📊

Tracking a keras model — plus I can export this chart as a JPEG to put into my presentation!

Especially since deep learning models run significantly longer than classical machine learning models (e.g. scikit learn), real-time visualizations can save time and compute (read: $$) by identifying errors and performance differences earlier. Instead of waiting 12+ hours to see how your model metrics and sharing screenshots, use real-time visualizations in to track performance and collaborate with your team.

Our original chart implementation overlaid all of the metrics on one chart. Based on user feedback and usability tests, we’ve introduced exciting new features for the chart builder!

With the new chart builder, you can:

  • Add charts for any of your logged metrics
  • Resize charts
  • Compare multiple metrics on a single chart (great for viewing training loss v. test loss)
  • Create, save, and update Saved Views (we start you off with a default view 👍🏼) — plus your entire team will be able to access these Saved Views!
  • Apply your Saved Views to other experiments (so you don’t have to build up the same view across experiments)
  • Export the charts as JPEG files (to put in your presentations)
A view into the charts builder — see a full example with this public project

“Stunning” — Nimrod L. our CTO 😉

We hope you find our new chart builder stunning like Nimrod — try out this multiple chart view with your own account!

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